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В аэропорту Брюсселя прогремели два взрыва

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Еще 6 лет назад в аэропорту планировался капитальный ремонт на 2016 год. Официальные лица добавляли,что аэропорт прекрасно застрахован.

"A vision for 2016
In 2010 Brussels Airport engaged in detailed negotiations over more than 6 months with airlines and air transport organisations such as AOC and BATA on the airport's plans for the future and on a new structure for charges. The airport wishes to emphasise the historic nature of the resulting agreement, which is supported almost unanimously by the airlines that carry passengers and freight via Brussels Airport.
To support the 460 million euro development plan the airport has negotiated a limited increase in its airport charges in excess of the consumer price index.
The proposed plans for the future will offer greater convenience for passengers. This will result in shorter walking distances, allow travellers to transit more smoothly through airport security and reduce the need to use escalators and lifts. Of the dozens of large and smaller projects being planned for the next five years, these are the most notable."
"Brussels Airport has announced it is to carry out major renovation works on runway 01/19 from 26 July to 25 September 2016."
http://www.internationalairportreview.c … ons-works/

"Still months before full reopening '

"Afterwards, we go step by step, as parts of the damaged terminal can be returned to service, increasing our capacity. But that will be a process of months, "said Feist.

He does not assume that the attacks Brussels Airport will do harm in the long term. cause. "I have not heard any airline that does not want to come here."

Because the airport is well insured, Feist assumes that the damage of the attack can be almost completely compensated. He does not mention a figure for the total damage to the infrastructure or the losses suffered since the closure. The CEO received the go ahead from the shareholders for an investment which had already been proposed.




2016-03-17 22:13
Президент Армении выступил на саммите ЕНП в Брюсселе
Находящийся с рабочим визитом в Бельгии президент Армении Серж Саргсян принял участие в саммите Европейской народной партии (ЕНП) в Брюсселе.
http://www.golosarmenii.am/article/3858 … -bryussele
http://www.epp.eu/press-releases/17-mar … ncil-enfr/


Вы здесь » Актуальная политика сквозь призму истории, религии и оккультизма » #Новости » В аэропорту Брюсселя прогремели два взрыва