После такой же,весьма загадочной смерти Тома Клэнси,который писал,так же,как и Ладлэм о спецслужбах и выхода в свет книги племянника Ладлэма,взглянул другими глазами на его загадочную смерть от ''инфаркта.''


To casual observers, Robert was still enjoying life to the full. Seventeen days later, however, he was in hospital desperately fighting for his life.
When firefighters arrived at his Florida home on the morning of February 10, 2001, they found the author on fire, lying immobilised in a reclining chair. He was screaming. Smoke and the stench of burning flesh filled the house. Robert had undergone quadruple bypass surgery in 1994 and this, coupled with osteoarthritis, left him unable to escape the flames.
The cause of the fire was inexplicable. Fire crews were astonished to find Robert still ablaze a full six minutes after the emergency services had first been called. Our investigators have also established that fire extinguishers throughout the house had been left untouched. Certainly, Karen had not bothered to put out the flames.
Instead firefighters found her in the kitchen, belligerent and uncooperative. 'F*** off, I'm fixing myself a drink,' she told them.
Robert had severe burns and was suffering from the effect of smoke inhalation, yet she refused to accompany him to hospital in the ambulance.
We have established that she was ordered out of the home but, for reasons of her own, she tried to re-enter before all of the smoke had been cleared by fire crews.
Robert's son Jonathan is perturbed by the chain of extraordinary circumstances. He has told me he believes that an accelerant was used to fuel the flames. It is a terrible thought, but it is only one of many such suspicions to arise during our research.
If Robert's friends and relatives had doubts about Karen's loyalties, she did little to dispel them in the aftermath of the fire. She did not visit her husband once throughout his stay in hospital and her subsequent behaviour - more of which later - was strange to say the least.
Several weeks after the fire, my uncle left hospital and returned home to recuperate. Perhaps it was too soon - he was in such extreme pain that he required morphine.
Then on March 12, 2001, just 30 days after the blaze, the famous author was dead.
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